"Components, machined finished parts made of fiber glass or carbon fiber reinforced plastic:
we are pushing the precision to the top! "

- Precision tailor-made parts made of fiber-reinforced plastics

- Machined mechanically up to 2 / 100mm

- Tailor-made services as a complete solution from one source

- Inexpensive, reliable, top quality

GRP or CFRP full profile at a diam. 50mm, hollow profiles, tubes, plates (1-100mm!), stampings, moldings.
For special applications (e.g. textile machines) there are used different material conjunctions such as CFK-Inox, CFRP copper.


Special machinery

With US you can realize professional solutions as we have the complete production in our factory.

With regards to our special machines we can offer you professional solutions, e.g .:
CFRP shafts for measuring devices which are used worldwide with maximum precision, pneumatic cylinders made of CFRP or GFRP parts which replace heavy steel parts.
Our threaded rods inclusive nuts GRP (and CRP) are exclusive special parts with highest quality level.


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