Wherever conventional materials cause problemsGRP gratings and planks show their strengths, for example:
Chemical plants
• Sewage treatment plants
• Power plants
Waste incineration plants
Electrolysis plant
Galvanizing and pickling
Boat and ship lands
• Swimming pools
Bottling plants and breweries
• Food and packaging industry


Gratings and planks

Gratings and planks characterised by the highest corrosion and weather resistance, large carrying capacity, non-slip treads, light weight, easy handling (even locally) and easy installation, long life without maintenance costs.


Trag- Konstruktionen

Tragkonstruktionen in Form von Podesten, Laufstegen, Fussgängerbrücken, Treppen, Geländer usw. werden in korrosiven Umgebungen aus GFK- Verbundwerkstoffen gebaut. Grosse Konstruktionsprofile mit entsprechender Tragfähigkeit ermögliche heute wirtschaftliche, korrosionsfeste Lösungen.


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