GRP handrail systems, assembled from special corrosion-resistant structural profiles are technically and economically good solution for corrosion-endangered areas.
The material advantages compared with galvanized steel is considerably.
Stainless steel systems are more expensive. Fiberglass polyester railing convince with a long life, lowest maintenance costs. Fast processing and simple assembly are further plus points.

Railing Construction:

Post (Square tube 50x50/5mm)
handrail (rounded U-Profile 60x70/5mm)
eknee pipe (tube 40x34mm)
Skirting board below (Profile 100x15/4mm)
Feets (GRP-post or V4A-feets) and fiberglass reinforcement / filler square bar

Handrail - and skirting board- connector ( horizontal, vertical or round)


Cutting of the profiles is possible in the workshop and on the construction site. To mount the rail on a floor there are two variants available. One with stainless steel feet, or bolted with GRP Filler / square bar with 2 GRP knee pipe with the post and the ground together. Assembly of the railing sections to the posts is performed with pop rivets or with GRP Threaded Rods.

GFK Geländer1 FRP Rails1 Plüss AG

GFK Geländer FRP Rails Plüss AG