Build cabinets, frames, container, rack GRP glass fiber polyester, if the application

GFK WuerfelGFK Einlegerahmen

> High corrosion resistance
> High weather resistance
> Electrical insulation
> Thermal insulation
> Light weight
> Long life
required. GRP fiberglass polyester guarantees all these benefits. In addition, GRP-profiles have a high strength. The standard color is gray.
Our frame and box-profile system is based on a square tube 40x40 / 5mm and is available in different variants with lips.
The GRP-profiles will be plugged together with our GRP corner connectors according to the following product overview:

Article number Nr. 22010g Article number Nr. 22050
 GFK Vierkantrohr


Square tube
40x40/5 mm

 GFK Eckverbinder 3 w


Corner connector

Article number Nr. 22020g Article number Nr.  22055
 GFK Vierkantrohr mit Lippe


Square tube with
1 Lip 30 mm

 GFK Eckverbinder 2 weg


Corner connector

Article number Nr. 22030g Article number Nr.  22060
 GFK Eck Vierkantrohr mit 2 Kreuz Flanschen


Square tube witht
2 Lips 30 mm

 GFK Eckverbinder 3 weg


Corner connector
3-way 90 degree

Article number Nr. 22035g Article number Nr. 22070
 GFK Profil Winkel 2 Schenkel


Square tube with
2 Lips (Angle)

 GFK Eckverbinder 4 weg


Corner connector

Article number Nr. 22040g Article number Nr. 22080
 GFK Schenkel flach


Square tube with
2 Lips (T flat)

 GFK Eckverbinder 5 weg


Corner connector
5-way 90 degree


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